Hans Henning Schrøder on the persecution of Jews in Norway in 1943



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The precautions taken against the Jews in Norway, from the beginning, were directed mainly towards Full Jews. Full Jews are understood as persons whose parents were both of Jewish descent and persons belonging to the Mosaic Faith Society. On the other hand, all such persons were also subject to the precautions taken and it did not play any role, whether he was married to a non-Jew or in a marriage to a non-Jew with children. Exceptions to this rule were probably, both so that some Half-Jews may have been deported, and so that Full-Jewswho have been married to non-Jews have been allowed to stay in the country. Thus, in three Concentration Camps in Norway, there are various Jews, all of whom are full Jews. Of these camps, Tønsberg with approx. 50 interned was the largest. Interned half-Jews are found in Grini, but these are not interned because of their descent, but because charges of some kind have been raised against them.

Jews who are Norwegian citizens have been interned on the request of the Germans, but on the other side, the Germans have agreed that no more deportation will take place from Norway of Jews who are Norwegian citizens. Furthermore, the German authorities have agreed to disregard wealth confiscation in cases where a Jewish man is detained in a concentration camp or deported, and a non-Jewish wife must now seek self-employment.

Furthermore, Jews over the age of 65 are set free.

October 25 1943.

Hans Henning Schrøder


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