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The Jewish question in Germany.

During the period from spring 1940 to Spring 1943, the Jews in Germany were deported. The deportation began in Stettin in February 1940 and is now largely completed, so that all the elderly (originally over 65, now over 70 years) came to Theresienstadt in the Bohemia-Moravian Protectorate, whose former population had been evacuated. The city, which originally had 20 to 25,000 inhabitants, now contains approx. 50,000 Jews. However, because of the fact that the population consists only of the Old people, the passing is still very large. Young Jews have been deployed to work in various locations in the eastern areas. The deportation has been practiced somewhat differently in the different regions of Germany.

The exceptions that apply to certain areas of the measures against the Jews under the legislation, with regard to Jews married to Aryans, have not been fully observed during the Deportations. The Jewish spouse in such a marriage is usually spared only when he or she lives with the Aryan partner or with any common Children, as a rule, there is no difference as to whether the children are minors or adults.

Thus, there are several cases where Jewish men married to Aryan women have been deported, however, there are no cases where Jewish women married to Aryan men were deported. There must also have been cases in which the Jewish spouse has been deported after the couple's only son has fallen in the war, which otherwise in Jewish laws justifies a privileged position. This is motivated by the fact that the exception from deportation can only be justified on the grounds of the spouse or children, and that this consideration no longer applies when the child does not live at home, cf. above, or has fallen in the war.

Although Jewish law in principle applies only to Jews, there are so many special provisions in the Practice of Mischlinge (Half and Quarter Jews) that they must be regarded as a special class. In addition, in all areas where the Administration’s decisions are decisive, the principle of the anti-Jewish attitude must be considered.

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Within leading circles, there are two movements, one that wants to restrict the Jewish laws to the real Jews, and one more radical that wants to liberate Germany from both Jews and Bastards.

Which movement ultimately prevails is impossible to say, but the radical direction in recent times seems to assert itself, in particular, the provision introduced in 1942, whereby half Jews are excluded from the army, could be fatal. One has to consider, that the definition of the concept of citizenship links to the right to exercise civil rights such as military service and labor service. Therefore Mischlinge, who fail to serve, are prevented from enjoying civil rights.


Despite the fact that there is no prohibition in the Legislature of Quarter Jews marrying non-Jews, the Standesämter refuse to marry such persons unless there is a special permit.

The limited access of the Mischlinge to - in the case of Half Jews, total exclusion from - the higher education (including vocational schools) may in the future have the most fateful consequences, with Half Jews subsequently missing the prerequisite for becoming anything but unskilled workers.

Mischlinge are excluded from owning an inheritance farm, requiring Aryan descent since 1800. With regard to other land estates, there is no prohibition, but in practice, Mischlinge will generally be forced out of possession of such property, the same applies to non-Jewish spouses of Jews.

Mischlinge and non-Jewish spouses have free access to private businesses. Another thing is that in Practice they will often be pushed out of Companies of any significance, especially in the armour industry – companies owned them or within which they play a large role will be excluded from public order.

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There are still rumours in Berlin of further measures taken against the Jews, e.g., it states that a law must be drawn up, requiring Aryans who are married to Jews to divorce. After that, the Jewish law in its full extent could be put into effect also for the group of Jews who have hitherto been allowed to stay because they were married to Aryans. Furthermore, rumours have been spread regarding certain measures against half Jews. In particular, it is said that Mischlinge in cities, where the housing demand is high due to the devastation caused by airstrikes, should be evicted from their apartments. Whether this will happen is impossible to predict. However, with some anxiety, it has been noted that the Campaign against the Jews in the Press has now been intensified again. However, for the first time, lately, Mischlinge has been referred to as Bastards. The fact that the Mischling problem is to a significant degree an upper-class problem; since the mixed marriages have mainly taken place within the bourgeoisie, there could also be an unfortunate impact on the position of the Mischlinge.


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