Burton Y. Berry on plans for the deportation and murder of Jews in Bulgaria in 1943



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Policy of Bulgarian Government upon its self-created Jewish problem has in the last few days clearly become directed towards elimination of the Jewish population. In closed meeting of government’s staunch parliamentary supporters Minister Gabrovski reportedly stated government had in resisting pressure to declare war on Russia accepted German pressure to liquidate Jewish communities.

Liquidation is now being ruthlessly carried out in annexed territories where Jewish deportees are shipped in open freight cars to concentration camps. Each deportee is stripped his valuables and warm clothing. The daily food ration is 200 grams of bread. [...]

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In Bulgaria proper the authorities are acting more temperately where the sensibilities non-Jewish Bulgarians are involved. Preparations made for deportation to Poland of Jews from Kyustendil, Plovdiv, Yambol, Burgas and other towns of Bulgaria proper were suspended after strong protests by prominent Bulgarians in these towns supported by the Archbishops of Sofia and Plovdiv.


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