Burton Y. Berry on antisemitic activities in Romania in 1943



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It seems that anti-semitic measures are becoming more stringent in administration and that anti-semitic propaganda increases upon the eastern front. This activity is reported to be encouraged by those Romanians who have benefited from the confiscations of Jewish property and their forced retirement from Romanian public life. [...]

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The question of the Jews in Romania and the war against Soviet Russia are linked together, as in all Axis States. This attitude is claimed by competent observers to be greatly encouraged by the Romanian aristocrats, business and professional men, who are behind the Government in this attempt. The explanation offered for the support of these classes to anti-semitic propaganda is the fact that they are the chief beneficiaries of the expropriations of Jewish owned properties in Romania and that the control of the economic and financial life of the country, in which the Jews were claimed to have a great interest, has been taken over by other Romanians.


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