Franklin Mott Gunther on the murder of Jews in Romania in 1941



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Please transmit also to the President.

Although wholesale sacking and pillaging were, of course, the order of the day, reports are now reaching me of appalling brutality to the Jews of Bucharest during the recent uprising of German and Communist inspired elements of the Iron Guard. The Turkish Ambassador’s estimate of two hundred eighty four Jews wantonly killed in the slaughter house near the Jewish quarter is the most conservative in numbers. He blamed primarily the savage Macedo Romanians, otherwise known as Kutzovlachs. But according to a reliable Jewishinformant of mine up to yesterday noon seven hundred twenty-seven burial permits for Jews in the common grave in the Jewish cemetery have been applied for. The slaughter house certainly did figure in as

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much as I have it indirectly from an engineer working there that when he reported for work the next day he found sixty Jewish corpses on the hooks used for carcasses and all skinned. The quantity of blood about would seem to indicate that they had been skinned alive.

The above estimate takes no account of the much larger number of those wounded, maimed or beaten beyond recognition by the brutes and footpads of the Iron Guard. Ignorant primitive young savages whose dull vengeful minds responded to the German-controlled and inspired Romanian press of repetitive slogans and shibboleths of Jewish and Jewish English alleged inimical evil doings. It makes one sick at heart to be accredited to a country where such things can happen even though the real faults of inspiration and encouragement lie elsewhere.


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