Herbert Pell on the “Expulsion of Jews from Subcarpathia” in 1941



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On July 24th I called on the Prime Minister and left with him some statements on the subject of the ill treatment

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to which certain Jews are alleged to have been subjected. I did not ask him for an immediate answer, but requested an examination into the matter. [...]

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In my opinion this ex parte statement puts the case for the Hungarian Government in an unduly favorable light, but I also believe that the dispatches sent by the American Joint Relief Association are at least equally prejudiced. Although the treatment meted out to many of these unfortunates has been unnecessarily severe and in some cases flagrantly unjust, roughness on the part of those in authority, and hardship do not shock the susceptibilities of people accustomed to the habits and standard of living that prevail in eastern Europe, as they would Americans.


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The United States of America were neutral during the first two years of the Second World War. They were brought into the conflict by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941 and became one of the decisive belligerent nations, defeating Japan in the Pacific and heavily contributing to the war effort against the Axis powers, e.g. during the Allied landings in North Africa, Italy and France. American forces invaded German territory early in 1945. On the eve of the Second World War...