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  1. EHRI-DR-19400302_01.jpg
    1940-03-02 | Yukio, Toyohara | Manzhouli
    Japan Center for Asia Historical Materials (JACAR), Minzoku mondai kankei zakken: Yudayajin mondai [Documents on the Issus of Nationalities: The Jewish Issue] B04013207600-10500, 9:147-148. Original in Japanese.
  2. R 6456-39 (80).jpg
    1941-08-19 | Gunther, Franklin Mott | Romania
    National Archives and Records Administration II, Records of the Department of State relating , Doc. to internal affairs of Romania 1910-1944, Wilmington, Del. 1981 (Microfilm-Edition): Doc 871.4016/271, p. 2, 4f. Original in English.