Casto Caruso on “the concentration of Jews” in Theresienstadt in 1942



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Addressed to R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome

R. Embassy of Italy, Berlin

M Mussolini

Prague, 23th March 1942. XX

Re: Concentration of Jews.

I have the honour to inform that an important decree concerning the transfer of Jews to a location in the Protectorate (Theresienstadt) has been published in the Collection of Laws and Decrees of the Reichsprotektor. With this measure the Jewish element will be definitively isolated from the remaining Aryan population.

Of course, Theresienstadt will have to be vacated by Aryan citizens. The Reichsprotektor’s decree deals with this problem and rules that no Aryan person transferred elsewhere shall suffer any material loss. All Aryans living in the area chosen for the Protectorate’s Jewish ghetto will have their losses refunded and will be transferred elsewhere in an appropriate manner. Clearly, despite this measure, those who are to be transferred will have to bear some sacrifices for the benefit of all.

The local press emphasizes that these sacrifices will in any case be largely offset by the huge advantages that cleansing the Protectorate of Jews will provide to the entire Czech Aryan population.

I enclose a full translation of the Reichsprotektor’s decree.



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