Casto Caruso on increasingly harsher measures against Jews in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1941



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Addressed to R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome

R. Embassy of Italy, Berlin

Prague, 7th October 1941, Year XIX

Re: Harsher measures against Jews in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Following a decision by the Representative of the Reichsprotektor, further important measures against the Jews and their sympathizers have been taken and were made known by the Chief of the Security Police by means of a letter sent to the Protectorate’s Ministry of Interior.

The attitude of the Jews in Prague and in other towns of Bohemia and Moravia was judged to have been provocative immediately after the badge with the yellow star was introduced, before and after the recent developments in the local situation.

It is true that they ostentatiously displayed their badge and walked in the streets in great numbers, giving the impression, as I have already reported, that they felt reciprocal support with the local population.

The letter of the Chief of the Security Police to the Ministry of Interior has not been published in full, but the main measures that have been decreed are reportedly the following:

1) All synagogues and all Jewish prayer rooms are to be closed.

2) The compulsory wearing of the yellow star is to be extended to some categories of Jews who are not required to wear it in the Reich.

3) All Jews are threatened with removal from the towns,

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presumably in order to collect them in concentration or labour camps.

4) Members of the State Police have been instructed to act against all those who in the street or in public establishments should with ostentatious friendliness associate with Jews wearing the star.

I enclose the translation of the articles published in the local papers on this issue.

Casto Caruso


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