Irving N. Linnell on “Forced Departure from Moravska-Ostrava of Male Jews” in 1939



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It would seem, from all indications, that the intent is to obtain a large group of workers for use in Poland. What this use is seems to be problematical, but it may well be to prepare a place for the permanent settlement of the families, etc., of these men. It would seem that this movement may well be part of a larger movement of populations which the German authorities are carrying out, including the bringing back of Germanfamilies from the Baltic States, Russia, and those parts of Poland recently occupied by Russia. There are many rumors, but to date unverified, that the German authorities intend to bring into Bohemia and Moravia many of the Germans who are being evacuated from others sections of Europe, including some of those who are leaving the country near the German-FrencheFrench war zone. If these rumors are warranted, it may well be the plan to replace some of the Jewish populations in Bohemia and Moravia by German populations.


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