Vilhelm Voight Broch informs about the deportation of Anna Wimmer from Vienna to Poland in 1942



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In response to your letter of 22 December, in which you request the Consulate General to search for your sister, Miss Anna Wimmer, assuming that you are a Danish citizen, we hereby inform you that it is true that Miss Wimmer left for Poland together with a Family Stark in October of 1941.

At the Israeli Cultural Commemoration Centre, Vienna, I., Seitenstettengasse 2/4, the Consulate General has learned that you can contact 'An den Aeltesten der Juden, Lizmannstadt, Ghetto, Polen’, which then probably through the Jewish organizations in question will be able to provide information about your sister's present address.

The Consulate General shall add that no further action can be taken in this matter, unless special instructions are received from the Royal Commission.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.

P. G. V. Vice Consul, signed V.V. Broch


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The German army occupied Denmark on 9 April 1940. Until 1943, the occupation regime appeared relatively benign: It dominated foreign policy, but allowed the Danish government complete autonomy in domestic affairs, including control of the legal system and police forces. The tone of the German occupation changed in early 1943. Rather than yield to German demands, the Danish government resigned on 29 August 1943. German authorities took direct control of the Danish military and police forces. Othe...


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