Frederick P. Hibbard on the “Elimination of Jewish Elements in the Rumanian Press” in 1940



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The Government appears to be making every effort on the one hand to appease the Jews by restraining molestation of all kinds, while on the other hand proceeding with such discriminatory regulations as those just mentioned Law for the Organization of the College of Doctors, stipulates that only Rumanian citizens enjoying full civil rights can be members, therefore excluding Jews. Some are suspected of clandestinely encouraging attacks on the Jews because of their conviction that (a) this is the solution of the entire Rumanian problem and (b) it will curry favor with Germany. Rumanians in general seem to wish to wreak their wrath either actively or passively on the Jews for the events which have taken place in Bessarabia, particularly the many instances which are gradually becoming known in which the Jews, either aided or encouraged by communists and other members of the local populations, rose against the departing Rumanian officials at the time of the Russian entry.

Continual reports of persecutions and killings of Jews in the provinces, particularly in Moldavian villages and towns along the new frontier, are drifting into Bucharest daily, but it is difficult to ascertain just what proportion of them may be true.


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